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Jun. 28th, 2009

I put Henry V on the netflix list a while ago because it had Judi Dench in it. I somehow ignored the fact that it was a version of the Shakespear play. I do alright with Shakey when I am reading it, with time to process what I am seeing, but hearing it I am fucking lost. I have the gist of whats going on, everyone hates France and Henry kills some dudes, but even the apparantly famous war speech was gobbledy to my brain.

Then some bitches come on screen.
Then some bitches start speaking French. For ten minutes.

I bet Henry fucks her later but man I dunno anymore.

Jun. 22nd, 2009

We have commenced with the first shed today. They have doubled in size.

Dinner with Morris

Actual conversation :

"The steak is fine, but they diddnt marinate it."

"We don't do that here. I'm suprised you haven't figured this out yet."

One minute re-enactment of Morris eating :

Raise eyebrow at steak. Prod. Prod with fork. Prod in different place. Slice tiny bit off edge. Inspect meat on fork. Eat. Flip steak over. Turn it around. Prod. Slice tiny bit off edge. Inspect meat on fork. Trim invisible bit of something off tiny slice. Eat. Flip steak. Turn. Prod. Prod again. Turn sideways with fork and knife to look at the edge. Cut fry in half and eat both bits off fork.


Mar. 6th, 2009

I have just managed to dump about 8oz of boiling tea onto my abdomen, resulting in a mild scald. I'm just that awesome.

So it's been a week since the place opened. I can see this working out pretty well in the long run. The owner is having some sort of weird "why arent we totally busy all the time" depression thing but M seems to be talking him out- of that one. Some of the things the guy does are weird though: We had Andy Carson doing his Good day oregon schtick from the restaurant this morning and Owner decided that he would do the 4am-6am part and then fuck off and leave M to talk about the place from 6-9. He left the chef to talk about his "life's dream." I hope he is just overwhelmed at this point because the alternative explanation is he has no fucking clue what he's doing.

We are down to one car, so days off tend to be stuck at home. I managed to do a mountain of laundry and actually clean something though.

Apart from having no sleep so I could be awake at 4am and accidentally being on tv, I've had a good day.

Jan. 31st, 2009

Thanks to a made for Sci-fi channel movie, I now know I have been pronouncing Wyvern incorrectly.

We've started selling off the restaurant stuff. Today the woman buying the super blender came by to get it, and brought her husband and three year old boy along. This kid is the boldest kidlet I have probably ever met, and still rather polite. He was hilarious.Thought the snake was great. Tried to get under the porch outside, then immediately shed his shoes when coming inside cause he "stepped in dirt".
The snow kinda threw a wrench in the plans today. It did bring the first semi truck stuck outside our house though. Which mostly just taught us that the people living out here are mostly assholes who will drive around people trying to get a truck out a ditch when there is very little room to pass.
A couch takes about five minutes to be snatched up on Craigslist. We have done an experiment.

Jan. 23rd, 2009

Dude, why have I never noticed the Weasly twins in the Potter movies are hot pieces of ass?

A guy came by to nail a tarp to the roof. He only had one tarp, and it was mostly big enough. Now it sounds like people are racing office chairs on the roof. A team of dudes is coming out early next week to try and do a proper job of it.
Engine light came on in the car yesterday. I can't really afford to be concerned yet. M thinks it's clogged with leaves, which is possible if improbable. We have alot of leaves.

Jan. 20th, 2009

Man, I hate kitchener stitch. I always fuck something up.

We survived WIND STORM 09 somehow. The part of the roof that is peeling off is annoyingly the only part of the roof you can't get a good look at from the ground so I have no idea how bad the damage there is, but the maintenance guy has been informed. When he gets here he will be in for a few other surprises; the front of the bath downstairs fell off today. I had no idea it wasn't all one piece, and the owners had apparently stuck it on with masking tape. This is shortly after having the upstairs bath repaired because there was a golfball sized hole in the fucking pipe and it leaked water into the wall. That only took two months to do.


Seriously. This house.

The only trees we lost all fell down the hill onto the side of the road and someone has already come by and stolen them.
The power came back on at 2am Sunday morning, but went back out shortly after and did not come back till 8pm. It got very cold. Mom brought us wood for our fireplace, which must have been built for looks because it can't heat a room for crap.
Aerogarden, Fish, and Snake all seem mostly unaffected by the whole thing, although I did have to go out a couple times for handwarmers to put in cages and there was a minor worrying episode with fish tank water temperature.

I have been doing more knitting than is probably healthy since I became re-unemployed. And making tons of granola. At least it leaves me time to get really angry at taxes. When I came acrossed the line about deducting deducted deductions I had to take a break.

Christmas loot came in the form of a spinning wheel, so now all I need is my own sheeps.I'm not very good at it. I tend to make corkscrew yarn.

Yay for iPhone

Power has been off eight of the last twelve hours. We are now losing shingles off the roof. Closed the blinds on east facing windows to minimize glass spread if something flies through. Living in the gorge is getting stupid.
White Christmas always makes me tear up
This is part of the reason I cannot get into town.

winter2 008

Thankfully this is the non working car.

More on flickr

winter2 032
We woke up this morning to find the power off. Guessing it had been off for two hours or so before we got up, the house was about 60 and quickly dropped to 54.
The hill has been kept plowed and they lay grit down pretty regularly. This would be more useful if there werent a three foot drift at the gate entrance. I've started digging us out just in case, the ominous snow shovel we found in the garage when moving in has come into play. I84 is closed anyway, so the only way into town would be the historic highway.
Power keeps blipping off for a few seconds here and there. House is almost up to 68. We're wired for a generator, and its looking like that might have been a good idea. Threw some soup into the crockpot so we have warm food for a while if needed.
One large tree near the road has come down and gone down the hill. If we lose any more they at least shouldn't hit the house with the wind blowing east.

I still feel really bad about the yard birds, they are having a hard time. Anything I put out to shelter them would just blow away.

winter 010
Power is blinking on and off now. That took longer than I thought.
It's like they carry birdie superglue with them.  Pretty wild near the end. Poor dudes. Dunno why its doing the embedded content thing.

Dec. 20th, 2008

The past couple days have been really beautiful in a christmas card kinda way. I'm not used to snow that sticks around more than six hours, so days of it has been neat. The birds that come to the feeder have been in overdrive and we had a mystery mammal leave tracks last night.
Today is really shitty though. It's still snowing but its also windy as hell. The poor birds are alternating between trying to eat and huddling against the wall.

Dec. 15th, 2008

So uh, I was going to post about how fucking cold it is up here and how we got studded tires that make the car sound like a tank...

As we were getting ready to leave work tonight, the smoke alarms in the bedrooms upstairs started going off. Ryan the server got them to stop by opening as many windows and doors as he could. The two of us were talking to some guests downstairs near the fireplace when we noticed smoke coming out of the corner of the wall. This was mysterious but we figured it's windy as shit and the fireplace is old as hell so it's probably just backdraft. Ryan decided to get a trash can to put the burning logs into and it would be good.

Get home and call up to tell them that the roads are not icy. It wasnt a long conversation because apparantly the Inn is now on fire.

As of now, we know that the main dining room is fine, the kitchen is fine, the office is smoked out but fine, the dishwasher is in a pile on the floor, and part of the wall in the dish room is gone. They are currently trying to determine if it was electrical or the fireplace.

We will not be open as planned on wednesday.

Nov. 20th, 2008

So, Twilight. Heard of it?

The books are good enough for young reader fluff (I loved them) and the movie is opening tonight at midnight. They filmed the end of the movie up at work last year, so we had a movie opening prom type event. The event was hilariously fun, seems women over thirty are more likely to start catfights than girls aged fourteen to nineteen. 

The worst part? Getting up at 5:30 am to cook food for Good Day Oregon. And then I was suckered into being on tv briefly. Again.

Speaking of which, NBC is still telling us they will air the segment they shot, but I'm thinking maybe it's not happening.

Oct. 31st, 2008

Aaand now it's airing monday, what with tomorrow being some sort of holiday and all
The spot is actually airing friday now. We're getting 3:28 of airtime which is a hell of alot I guess.

Oct. 22nd, 2008

I am having a hard time choosing a senator

Becoming an Oregonian has mostly just left me irritated with buying gas and having ten foot long receipts when I buy soda. This senator thing aint helping. Do I go with Smith, who has been doing this forever and does a decent enough job even if he was in bed with Bush? Or do I go for Merkley who has some good ideas and is backed by my presidential canidate of choice? 
I was all for Merkley till I caught the end of the debate they had last week. Dude sounds like a douchebag.

I have no idea.

Sep. 25th, 2008

Hello massive government takeover of Washington Mutual. Good thing I am well under the fdic insurance limit.

Real Conversation

G: What the hell is this?
M: Hockey.
G: Lawn hockey?
M: Yeah, the Indians are really good at it.
G: How long has lawn hockey been a sport? Is cricket in the olympics?
M: No.
Rode bike to freds. I always overestimate difficulty of things. Google says its about two miles, I would have figured it less.
Good things - I actually made it, downhill on the way home was fun
Bad things - Ass hurts, cant breath deeply without lungs buzzing

Do it again next week, at some point it should be easier.
I sorta had a list of things I wanted to get done today, and I'm kinda getting it done.

There comes a point in any project I do where I just absolutely hate what I have done and think it's the ugliest thing ever. I hit this point with baby schulbach the second's quilt about two months ago and had to put it away. Finally dug out the bits and am sewing them together today. Feeling better about it. I still need a few things before it will be done however. A border, which is going to be kind of an issue given what I did with this one. A name (poke) to fill in the blank block. A bouncy foot for quilting it that will fit this machine. Beer for dealing with machine tension issues.

The one thing still bothering me about it is the parents. I love you guys, but you are both artsy people and have an eye for graphic detail. I was a fool to thing I could get away with this. Promise me you will at least take it out of the closet when I come visit.

Having had so much time off means I'm totally prepared for baby and two year old birthdays. This will never end up happening again. I'm pretty stoked.

Jun. 13th, 2008

Caught in terrible accident related traffic on i84 tonight for two hours. Police made everyone turn around. Driving at 60 the wrong way down the freeway is pretty surreal

On occasion, I amaze myself

last night I dumped an entire mug of heavily sugared tea onto my laptop. I of course minorly flipped out and powered down, then left it to drain on a towel overnight. this morning when I went to power on, it was not responding. So I naturally did what anyone would do.

Take it the fuck apart.

Hitting the intermanet on my desktop, I found some suggestions on what to do and just went at it. when I got it into bits I used qtips and wiped down everything with water, then followed it up with rubbing alcohol to help dry and remove any corrosion. put it back together and let it sit a while before putting the drives and battery back it, crossed my fingers and turned it on. I'm fucking suprised it worked.
My keyboard is totally crunchy but i am reluctant to pull it apart again because its a huge pain. There is minor damage to the screen in two places, probably because im not really trained to do this shit. it's kind of neat what you can figure out with limited skills though.

it may die at any point from sugar and acidity eating away at things but im good for now. I was totally lost without it, which is really sad actually.

Took photos just in case I fucked it up putting it back together.Pic for fun

Having daytime tv on all day while I putz around introduced me to the awesome phrase "oven finished pizza"
Gratuitous ass shot for your viewing pleasure

Warning, purple buttcheekCollapse )

May. 26th, 2008

Today I went with Morris up to the Viewpoint inn to work a day for the hell of it. Its a beautiful house with a great view of the gorge. Being a converted house, half of the kitchen things are downstairs. Down very narrow shallow stairs.
The first thing I did upon arriving was fall down the stairs on my ass.

I have the mose AMAZING bruise on my bum. It's like, seven inches long, four inches tall and so purple its almost black. Like the colour of a bad scab. I bitched about it all day.
I have the most amazing thunderstorm moving in off the river right now.
snake 008

This is Basil. He's a standard morph cornsnake. I've had him since...august? I have his birthday card somewhere.

He's getting bigger.

snake 012

I would say he's grown probably four inches since he got here, although I may be off a bit since its impossible to measure (and photograph) a wiggly creature. He's shed twice.

Basil eats dead baby mice. They live in my freezer. No live mice for him. I had some trouble getting him to eat when he first came, but we figured it out eventually. (It involves squishing)

snake 013

Not the most interactive of pets but I think he's pretty neat. After we had photoshoot he went down my sweater sleeve and just hung out in my elbow for half an hour. He likes to stay buried under his woodchips most of the time but occasionally decides to come out and chill on his tree branch. Night time is scooting around time.

I heart snakes.

Apr. 19th, 2007

I had a half day today, which meant I was supposed to take all the day off but ended up needing to come in. No worries. Got some sleep and bought some underwear.

I'm sad I missed craft night.

Apr. 7th, 2007

I am seriously losing my mind by the end of the night. I spent a good while calling Nathan "cheese" because he's the cheese guy and that's all my brain could deal with at the time.

Easter has potential to make tomorrow the suck. Thank gods we dont do breakfast. Or brunch.

Mar. 31st, 2007

Elderly people order salmon. Sometimes pork, either roast or bbq, but mostly salmon. They take their salmon well cooked. Lunch and dinner.

I cut the side of my thumb off earlier in the week, then two days later smashed it between a table and a rack. It's healing, amazingly. I've lost some skin and a bit of nail, and it diddnt stop bleeding for two days but it looks better now. I also keep taking skin off the knuckle of my middle finger on the other hand when my knife slips cutting hard things like bones. I am a two finger cot kind of girl.

We are doing decent buisness in the bar/winebar on nights we only do alright in the main dining room. It's pretty interesting.

The first people to use our chef's table area were our dishwasher Bob and his wife Libby. They had a good time. I was amused. Bob is a nut.

The carpet in the chef's table area is in dire need of a clean because we had the laptops set up in there and my shoes are full of kitchen dirt.

I want to sleep in so bad.
So my day off sunday is shot because there was an incident last night. I may get monday instead.
The liquor board just de-railed us. This is not good.
Our previous storage of all things crap is turning into a real place now. The crap has gone, and there are walls up and sheetrocked. Its very weird. It's weird that when they cut up the concrete there was dirt underneath. That shouldnt be weird, thats like, fact. Its weird to me. It's weird that I get used to walking through a hole in the wall and then they wall it off. Its weird that everything has changed.
Speakin of sheetrocking, it made my already shitty cold miserable yesterday. Dust equals badness. Today I am just chokey phlegmy cannot swallow on occasion. The best kind of sick.

Among other news I ordered a port of case at a criminal price on the interweb. Like, so cheap I would be stupid not to. Now I get to figure out what to do with that, besides drink it. Drinking it would take a while.
I have also made hummus, and should have done so much earlier in my chickpea eating career. It's so fucking easy and ten times cheaper. Next batch gets some of the israeli olive oil I nabbed the other day. It's grassy and has a slight bitter note, not unpleasant.

Everything interesting that happens lately isnt interesting to anyone outside our group. Like we finally ordered cutlery. Lots of it.

Okay, thats kinda of exciting to everyone.