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I have the sniffles.
My food of choice to ward off illness is tom yum gai. This time I am making it.
The house now smells of fish sauce
So I got a new cell phone, because my provider finally let me. It's interesting to go from the free model phone I've had the past two years to a super fancy does everything one.
I'm having a hard time with ringtones. Namely matching them to people. Not everyone needs their own but a few people should have them. Ma gets Faith by George Michael.
This week I have pulled up and moved numerous booths, unscrewed some very not wanting to move screws, scrubbed walls and floor of a walkin, made a toaster not gross, helped take down four tv's and four electric-style signs, threw away two year salad dressing, and fucked up my wrists and body to the point of weeping and being sent home. Stairs were all sorts of fun that day.

It's funny, we've reached a point where whatever we do doesnt make things look much different.

We have a demolition permit and should have the final plans in for building permit tomorrow or wednesday. Assuming the designers arent totally stupid. Again. They managed to lose eight inches of floor space when they measured last, which meant all the drawings were off and we had to remeasure for them.

I'm also on my third day of not smoking, and my traditional gum method is doing me good, although I just managed to swallow a bit just now and my throat is all minty in result.

Jan. 2nd, 2007

In 2007, jadisan resolves to...
Take evening classes in cello.
Spend more time with my car rides.
Eat more computers.
Volunteer to spend time with video games.
Learn to play the sarcasm.
Stop cheating with radsauce8824.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Jan. 1st, 2007

I spent new years eve in a large kitchen plating chocolate monstrosities. I got a nice bottle of champagne out of the deal.
I spent new years day tired and fuck and headachey for no apparant reason, seeing as I had one scotch and a partial glass of the bubbly. Not nearly enough to do me in.
My new favourite christmas song is the Three Tenors doing So this is christmas (war is over)

Dec. 22nd, 2006

of all the things I have ever vomited, honey nut cheerios are by far the most pleasant. Goal for today is finding vitamins that make me not vomit.

Off to work

this restaurant thing isnt just playtime anymore

Dec. 12th, 2006

Somewhere I have tape.

I know this as truth. I own tape.  It is a fact™. Somewhere there is: A roll of red duct tape; a roll of grey duct tape; a roll of grey house brand tape; a roll of clear packing tape; a roll of threaded packing tape.

Strangely enough, I have scotch tape ready and available. Useful in a moment, but not what I need now.

In other news, people with a musical background but especially those who were in orchestra should watch this.
Went back to place of previous employment with The Boss to talk to some people about some stuff, and Hot Manager who I have previously given my number to asked for my number again because he "keeps washing it in his pants"

Now, this is theorhetically an acceptable excuse, and with the work environment in there I can see it happening. It just totally sounds like a cheesy line though, doesnt it.
This was everwhere in paris. Apparantly this is about a couple that moves into a house and finds it inhabited by gay disco ghosts that only the guy can see but at first its just made me think of fieryrogue
day 3 007
So to start off, some notes about airplanes:

*Airplanes are like being in medievil times. There is a class system, and lines you cant cross.  They will not suddenly come into economy and invite you to first class.
*Do sign up for some sort of milage system with your prefered airline because then you get cool upgrades like economy plus which has five more inches of legroom. The people sitting regular ecomony for eleven hours all had airplane induced strokes I'm sure.
*Airtravel can give you thrombosis if you dont move about a bit occasionally. Go ahead and be paranoid about that when you're halfway acrossed the ocean.
*Disney/Pixar movies are much funnier in german if you have seen them already. And have had some scotch.
*Airline food is fine these days, I'm told because they took a number of cooking type people up on a plane and discovered things taste different at 39 thousand feet.
*Redbull tastes terrible at 39 thousand feet.
*The combination of Skymall and Duty free magazines can amuse you for a good hour. Yes, I sure would like some white gold jewelry in case we crash.
*Suprisingly you do fall asleep eventually. Its like babies in cars, you cant help it.
*The flight attendants will close your window if you fall asleep, making you think you did it with mind power when you woke up.
*Flight attendants are either super nice or uncaring jerks.
*United employs mostly the latter
*The person in the seat in front of you is also a jerk.
*this means you are someone elses front seat jerk, so make sure you use that power.
*San fransisco is the most retarded airport ever. The runways are shaped like # and the tower asks questions like "United 955 heavy, do you want to chance the short one?"
*every airplane I was on was "Heavy" which I never figured out.
*Listening to the air traffic channel is both amusing and frightening.
*That long in recirculated air dries you the fuck out. In more ways than you can tell. In that -
*you wont take a normal shit for another twelve hours.

and after eleven hours of this you land and want nothign more than a cigarette, lip balm, and a nap. Even though you slept half the time.
So thats intercontinental airtravel
Photos are up on flickr, most of them. I'm just now getting over "jet lag" which really means you sleep and eat for three days and thats all you can manage.
eleven hour plane rides are tiring. elaboration later.
Airplane should not have stairs.

There is no way that something large enough to have fucking STAIRS in the cabin to a goddamn second story should be able to make it over an ocean.

Guess what I'm flying in.
Today I made myself breakfast, and got my hairs cut, and went shopping for makeup (ew).
Then I got to see a wiggly wiggly yawny baby. She's so adoreable, and Ma is looking good.

I'm bored now. I ran out of work.

Oct. 17th, 2006

I am just all...

So it turns out that next saturday, I am somewhat randomly leaving for Europe. Paris for a foodshow, then London for some eating, then back to suburbia. Who knew?
The restaurant is *most likely* getting pushed back to January opening, just to give contrators and designers ample time to do things right rather than rush and potentially fuck shit up.

Now some bra stuff:
I discovered today I was wearing the alternate size to what I should be wearing. That whole down a rib size up a cup size thing. So I am now a 38B, not a 36C, which means I got fatter and my boobs got smaller. Even though they are kind of interchangeable.
I also discovered that push up bras are hillarious on me, and that strapless bras are hillarious reguardless. I dont know what to do if I ever need one. They both do terribly unflattering things to those of us with that bit of armpit that likes to blob out under a bra strap. (There must be a name for that)

Note: Must remember to take things to Andrea and Joel before I leave
so I'm doing computer surgery which is never a good thing for me to do. My cpu fan makes the most concerning noises and I wonder if it does it all the time and I just cant hear it with the case sides on.

Laurel is adoreable, and I got to hold her today. Babies are scarey.

Oct. 7th, 2006


I'm silly. Laurel is Ten pounds TWELVE ounces. Bit of a difference there
Laurel was born just before ten thirty at a healthy (!) ten pounds two ounces

Oct. 7th, 2006

I totally just failed at vegetable fritters.

It's difficult making a kids menu when I have no kids to force feed. Of the appropriate age, at least. What Ive got so far sounds good enough to me, and I've tried to make it fun but you never know till you get some flesh and blood podlings in there. They have an annoying habit of acting entirely like you diddnt expect.

And I dont think Andrea would appreciate me bringing peanut butter to the hospital. Unless it was to feed Joel.

Oct. 2nd, 2006

So a few weeks ago I got a fish.

damnit 008

Damnit: The revenge.

He's not really that green, its the flash there. He doesnt like flash.
He's a bit of a freak, trying to dig holes and wiggle his way through the wall. At the moment he;s pissed, cause I changed his water which meant he had to come out of it. Catching him was a bitch.

I figure if this lives a while I can graduate to something larger. Like illegal immigrants.
I've been roving the rental housing website for my own amusement lately. I found one in a good area for the upcomming change in life reguarding work and such. Reasonably priced. Nice enough.
In theory, I could afford to move out, and still pay bills AND loan payment. It could work.
In practice, this is a terrible terrible idea.

Been eating some fancy places these days, and its amazing what you notice when you look for it.

Sep. 26th, 2006

So appart form the weeping the only side effect of hormonal baby control that bothers me is the TERRIBLE fucking headaches out of nowhere for a few days. Ibuprofin aint nothing to this shit.
I do get migranes on occasion, and when I do I'm more smell sensetive than light or noise, but these bastards are kinda light feeders so thats new to me.

I'm not very happy about it.

Maybe I just need laid.
Things that have made my cry recently:

Law and Order
A diamond commercial
That fucking lighthouse song by Nickel Creek
My brain
The news
The squirrel and the sea, found here  http://www.fablewood.com/fourstories/fourstories.html Its the blue one
Some other things I cant remember.
*Edit* The babysitter's here, by dar. Fuckin hell.

Hormones are great
I went to planned parenthood for my depo shot today. It was one of the harder things I've done. Not because of them, they were terribly nice and diddnt take more than an hour. I'm just so introverted these days that going anywhere on my own and talking to strangers is the hardest thing ever.

Then I had a pot pie. My arm is sore.

Sep. 13th, 2006

all the trustees signed off on the lease offer. I am about to have a restaurant.
Well, I'm about to help have a reastaurant...

I am about to work in a restaurant.

Animal Crossing : The movie.


Sometimes I wonder about them on their island there.
Tonight I am taking my mum and gran to a wine dinner. This should be all sorts of interesting.

Aug. 27th, 2006

On my way home from the most amusing baby shower ever, I stopped to get myself a nintendo DS. Cause I suddenly realized I have the night off and nothing to do with myself. The sheep quilt had gladly taken up my idle time for the last month or so, and I'm at a loss now. So animal crossing will save me.

I'm pretty sure she liked it. There comes a point in every project where I'm just convinced that I have created the ugliest thing EVER and I should just stop. I had my misgivings about all of it, from the sheep to the backing. And in every project, the finished product pleases me. This was no exception, besides the nagging dread that Andrea would say..."Wtf sheep? Thanx, I guess."

I love doing handwork like that though, cause I can take it everywhere with me. I did half of that while talking restaurant. And I've gotten faster at it, if not more accurate.

So another quilt finds a home, and all is well.

Hopefully I remember to put my photos up.

Something over here smells suspiciously like maple syrup, which is really odd and kinda bothering me. it just wafts through on occasion.

My multivitamins are green, and HUGE. My calcium chews are vanilla flavour and takeable three times a day. That seems a bit excessive to me.
I need to get more protein in me. And fiber.

things done

fair fun 027
Originally uploaded by GwynMonkey.

This is a giant orgy of chicks from the fair. There are five types of chicken here. They were mostly trying to sleep, so when one of the active ones ran over them they would half stand up then slowly drift twords the floor again. Silly birds.

I dont like what they're done to the grounds at the fair, that huge building is just silly. They threw all the 4h stuff into it, canning and flowers and quilting and such, so it's alot harder to keep my interest when I have a giant room of crap to look at.

I had forgotten how mind numbing data entry is, especially when you're working the kinks out and have to enter the same stuff over and over. Beats digging ditches though. And I get to cook sometimes.

My applique callus is nice and thick, except the bit where the needle punched through. that bit hurts.
So now that I'm over the EAT EVERYTHING part of the hormones (at least for now) I've moved into the suddenly weak and lightheaded needing food part. Which is terribly fun.
I've spent the past two days just itchy as all get out, I figure it was randomly using a different soap. I may have been bit up by something, but my bumpies dont itch so who the fuck knows there.

Badgers look like dust mops with little old man faces.

We are at a point now where there is a whole lot to do but no easy way of doing it. New ventures are fun, cause every so often you get to go "what the fuck?"

I am making pasta for dinner, and need to find something to stuff it with.

The temperature is creeping back up and I dont much like it. I am not built for hot weather. I am made for cold german winters.
Hooray for earthquakes, 3.3 practically in my backyard. Thats my third one.

Jul. 19th, 2006

So now I am officially not working. I celebrated the fact by severely stubbing my toe the very next day. Then got a one shouldered sunburn bad enough that mom dug out her ten year old silvadene and put a dressing on me. Like an epaulet. So I hurt a bit.
the Depo is making me a crazy food inhaling machine. To combat this I have consumed all the produce, except the zuchinni, so far.

I am binding the monster.

The realestate lady for the potential property is a nut bat. Crazy as fuck.

Jul. 18th, 2006

My mothers phone likes to call me.

This wouldnt be a problem if it did not happen five times at nearly five in the morning. And each time I answer I get nothing but crackling noise and faint radio, which makes me think she's being murdered or something.
I'll miss the airplanes. I'll miss having free reign of the airport, secured area and non. I'll miss tossing trash even, cause it gets you down on the tarmac. I'll miss some of the people, I'll miss bumming sushi dinners that arent on the employee menu. I'll miss sushi alot actually, the people and the foods. I'll miss some of the servers, and most of the kitchen folk. I'll miss the port in general, cause something interesting is always happening with this many people around.
I wont miss the drive, I wont miss the parking lot with bus ride, I wont miss the option to pay 24$ to park in the garage, I wont miss the morning managers. I wont miss the morning servers. I wont miss the buffet, or purchasing, or trying to run three distinct properties from a ten by twenty prep kitchen. I will miss my prep kitchen. I wont miss the equipment that never manages to get fixed, I wont miss the schedualing problems, I wont miss psychotic dishwashers (and most of them are) and I wont miss the fuckhead who ran the place down to the point where we have no one left.

I'll kinda miss cheap hotel rooms. At least I used it once.

Jul. 4th, 2006

I hate knowing something I'm looking for is in the house soemwhere but I cant find it. I need some sort of summoning power.
I get like this though, frantic searching until said object is located, I am distracted, or I am frustrated to the point of leaving the house.

Damn you, old game cd. I dont know why I feel the need of you right this moment but come out of hiding for me.